Before Surgery

You should do the following before surgery:

  1. Avoid taking medications that prevent blood clotting such as aspirin and warfarin, vitamin E, and various hormones 10 days before and after surgery. You should consult your doctor about it.
  2. Smoking will have a negative effect on surgical wound so it is better to stop smoking. Be honest with your doctor about your addiction.
  3. Inform your doctor if you have allergies such as seasonal allergies, allergies to certain medications, and asthma.
  4. Inform your doctor even if you have had mild common cold a week before surgery.
  5. Exercise regularly and eat the adequate food.
  6. Eat light meals the night before surgery.
  7. Avoid eating and drinking at least 6-8 hours before surgery.
  8. Take a bath before breast surgery or abdominal surgery. Clean the surgical site and cut the excess hair. Note that the hair must not shaved
  9. Take a bath before nose job or face lift and eyelid lift. Clean the surgical site and cut the nose hair (if possible).
  10. Gentlemen should cut their beard and mustache before nose job or face lift and eyelid lift. This is important for performing operation and shorter recovery time.
  11. It is better to practice deep breathing through the mouth and filling the lungs before surgery due to chest muscle strain in the first few days after breast surgery and abdominal surgery.
  12. Please go to the hospital the morning of surgery. After surgery, you may stay one or more nights in hospital.
  13. Please check the time that you should be in the hospital with clerk.
  14. Be on time in the hospital.
  15. Follow any other commands such as avoiding from eating, drinking, and smoking.
  16. You may go home the same day that you have surgery depending on the type of surgery.
  17. Ask someone to take care of you during the night after discharge from the hospital.

Follow the before surgery instructions carefully. Write down your questions and take it with you on the day of surgery. You will be visited again by the doctor before anesthesia in the operating room and the operation procedures are reviewed with you. You will meet anesthesiologist before surgery to consult about your anesthesia.

Be ready to consult the following items:

  • History of diseases that you had recently (colds, flu, etc.)
  • Chronic physical illnesses such as heart diseases and diabetes
  • All drugs you are taking
  • Allergies (seasonal allergies and allergies to latex)
  • History of anesthetic (history of the disease in relatives)
  • Use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs

You should have all medical records related to your surgery on the day of surgery.